THE PIER tells the story of Michael, an alcoholic who is stuck in an endless drunken cycle the is ruining his life. One day Michael’s world is flipped on it’s head when the world around him falls apart and takes the form of a pier amusement arcade. There he must play each game to try and regain what is left of his life but the more he loses the more he begins to fade away. . .



Stories and characters are all around us, so finding them are as easy as looking at the person beside you. What makes them different? What makes them who they are? What stories do they have to tell? All these questions arise when we try and build a character and what better way than to tell the stories of those around us.

tONY 2

The Introduction to Character Observation and Storytelling began by taking a trip to TATE Britain. Places such as this are full of different characters, such as excited kids, intrigued tourists, students on a visit, various types of family who all have different personality traits that make them who they are. By studying their movement , characteristics and behaviour, I began to develop a a character and a story based on one man I found. I called him ‘TONY‘. The man seemed quiet out of place in a gallery and the people around him began to find his unusual presence uncomfortable. This brief description alone began to build a character who doesn’t quiet fit in to certain social circles and carries on with his life without being phased by what people around him think.

TONY then developed into a  short story about a man in which he re-builds his broken home from the ground up when he loses his wife in a house fire. The story focuses on how the outside world view this shabby looking man without knowing what he has been through until one day a young photographer finds something beautiful in his dedication to re-build his former life and portrays his work in at a local art gallery where people begin to see behind the hooded figure.

My Favourite Teacher



Miss Pitt with Jerry the Otter (Concept Art)

MY FAVOURITE TEACHER tells the story about a relationship between a forgotten pupil called Joplin Jones and her elementary school teacher Miss Pitt. Whilst marking the children’s artwork late one night, Miss Pitt (An Otter) comes across a piece that she doesn’t quiet recognise. In the shadows hides Joplin Jones (A Badger), a  young former student of Miss Pitt’s who tragically passed away a few years ago.Unfortunately Joplin never had the chance to give her favourite teacher her painting until now.

This film was made as an exercise to test my lip-syncing in Hand drawn animation.

Hound Up

Whilst at a family BBQ, Jeff the basset hound unfortunately becomes the victim of a prank, when he becomes tied to a balloon. Unbeknown to everyone this is a special balloon and it takes all of jeff’s courage to try and get himself safely back to the ground and get pay back on those who played the prank.

HOUND UP was my very first animated short. It allowed me to get to grips with animating on paper, frame by frame. This exercise helped me develop my characterisation, line-work and expressions.

The Boxcart

The Boxcart

THE BOXCART tells the story of a young boy left to live alone in his cliff-side home after the disappearance of his mother at sea. Years pass and still no return, the boy take it upon himself to search for her the only way he knows how. To fly.


Fourth Assessment Report

Screen shot 2012-05-17 at 15.20.10

When the world begins to break and fall apart in unusual circumstances, it is up to a polar bear to find out why. Delving into political discussions and my own views on the effects of global warming, Fourth Assessment Report puts forward the ideas as to what could happen if we stand by and do nothing.





Fourth Assessment Report is a story about truth and finding the answer the unexplained questions. The film delves into both political and environmental issues, as the basis of the film comes from the causes of global warming and the effect it is having on the arctic wildlife that lives there. The message is somewhat hidden within the film as I aimed to focus on the look and feel of the film rather than the issues themselves.

Fourth Assessment Report (2012) Animated and Directed

Encounters 2012

Nominated: Best Short Film

Best of British 2012

Nominated: Best Short Film

Bradford Animation Festival Official Selection, Libelula Animation Festival Official Selection, FIFE Environmental IFF Paris Official Selection, ANIFEST 12th International Festival of Animated Films Official Selection


Fourth Assessment Report is supported by 






Depict Still


TORN is a mixed media animated short film that shows an intense breakdown of a family seen through the eyes of a child.

In 2015 TORN was shortlisted for DEPICT!‘s super-short film competition.



A traditional 2D paper drawn animated adventure full of heart and feathers! Perched tells the story of Hamish Fint, the submariner who lives his life in balance in a submarine atop a mountain.


“Perched is a unique and beautiful film that grabbed us by the heartstrings and stayed with us long after the final perfectly crafted image had faded from our screen.”

-IOMFF (Isle of Man Film Festival)


PERCHED tells the story of a man who lives his life alone aboard a submarine that sits precariously atop a mountain. He has been there so long living in fear of the fall below that he has constructed a meticulous way of living and if he does not attend to the daily routine that keeps him balanced, he will fall. One day a seagull arrives that unintentionally threatens his position, having not taken into account the weight distribution of the new arrival. After a series of high risk attempts to be rid of his feathered friend, Hamish finally succeeds, firing the bird down to the clouds below. Hamish soon finds that the seagull was in fact a mother, and unbeknown to him, her nest sits on his periscope with a chick now without its mother. Hamish assesses his life and his actions that have led him to an innocent and abandoned chick. Knowing how alone and difficult his life has been, Hamish decides he does not want the chick to suffer what he has so he makes the brave choice to take the leap of faith with his submarine down beneath the clouds, to hopefully reunite the chick with its mother.

Directors Statement:

Perched was my opportunity to make an animated short in the old fashioned way, with only the basics of paper and pencil. There is something so delicate and beautiful about this traditional technique and I really wanted to build a personal understanding of the character though this medium, with the intention of allowing the audience to make a more sincere and emotional attachment to the character.

To see more of PERCHED please check out the Film Gallery, Story Artwork and more!



PERCHED (2016)

Run time: 11 Mins

Directed and Animated by – Liam Harris

Produced by – Elina Litvinova

Written by – Nathaniel Price and Eoin Doran

Cinematography by – Daniel Atherton

Production Design by – Dan Warren & Jan Gronczewski

Edited by – Sian Clarke

Music Composed by – Victor Hugo Fumagalli

Sound Design by – Payam Hosseinian

Colourist and Online Editor – Carl Thompson

VFX Lead Compositor – Victor Almela

CG Lead Artist – Stevie Gill

CG Artist – Elektra Chrysathou

Production Managers – Paul Smith and Florencia Casas

and Hamish Fint voiced by – Brian Gilbert