Stories and characters are all around us, so finding them are as easy as looking at the person beside you. What makes them different? What makes them who they are? What stories do they have to tell? All these questions arise when we try and build a character and what better way than to tell the stories of those around us.

tONY 2

The Introduction to Character Observation and Storytelling began by taking a trip to TATE Britain. Places such as this are full of different characters, such as excited kids, intrigued tourists, students on a visit, various types of family who all have different personality traits that make them who they are. By studying their movement , characteristics and behaviour, I began to develop a a character and a story based on one man I found. I called him ‘TONY‘. The man seemed quiet out of place in a gallery and the people around him began to find his unusual presence uncomfortable. This brief description alone began to build a character who doesn’t quiet fit in to certain social circles and carries on with his life without being phased by what people around him think.

TONY then developed into a  short story about a man in which he re-builds his broken home from the ground up when he loses his wife in a house fire. The story focuses on how the outside world view this shabby looking man without knowing what he has been through until one day a young photographer finds something beautiful in his dedication to re-build his former life and portrays his work in at a local art gallery where people begin to see behind the hooded figure.