Fourth Assessment Report

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When the world begins to break and fall apart in unusual circumstances, it is up to a polar bear to find out why. Delving into political discussions and my own views on the effects of global warming, Fourth Assessment Report puts forward the ideas as to what could happen if we stand by and do nothing.





Fourth Assessment Report is a story about truth and finding the answer the unexplained questions. The film delves into both political and environmental issues, as the basis of the film comes from the causes of global warming and the effect it is having on the arctic wildlife that lives there. The message is somewhat hidden within the film as I aimed to focus on the look and feel of the film rather than the issues themselves.

Fourth Assessment Report (2012) Animated and Directed

Encounters 2012

Nominated: Best Short Film

Best of British 2012

Nominated: Best Short Film

Bradford Animation Festival Official Selection, Libelula Animation Festival Official Selection, FIFE Environmental IFF Paris Official Selection, ANIFEST 12th International Festival of Animated Films Official Selection


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