A traditional 2D paper drawn animated adventure full of heart and feathers! Perched tells the story of Hamish Fint, the submariner who lives his life in balance in a submarine atop a mountain.


“Perched is a unique and beautiful film that grabbed us by the heartstrings and stayed with us long after the final perfectly crafted image had faded from our screen.”

-IOMFF (Isle of Man Film Festival)


PERCHED tells the story of a man who lives his life alone aboard a submarine that sits precariously atop a mountain. He has been there so long living in fear of the fall below that he has constructed a meticulous way of living and if he does not attend to the daily routine that keeps him balanced, he will fall. One day a seagull arrives that unintentionally threatens his position, having not taken into account the weight distribution of the new arrival. After a series of high risk attempts to be rid of his feathered friend, Hamish finally succeeds, firing the bird down to the clouds below. Hamish soon finds that the seagull was in fact a mother, and unbeknown to him, her nest sits on his periscope with a chick now without its mother. Hamish assesses his life and his actions that have led him to an innocent and abandoned chick. Knowing how alone and difficult his life has been, Hamish decides he does not want the chick to suffer what he has so he makes the brave choice to take the leap of faith with his submarine down beneath the clouds, to hopefully reunite the chick with its mother.

Directors Statement:

Perched was my opportunity to make an animated short in the old fashioned way, with only the basics of paper and pencil. There is something so delicate and beautiful about this traditional technique and I really wanted to build a personal understanding of the character though this medium, with the intention of allowing the audience to make a more sincere and emotional attachment to the character.

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PERCHED (2016)

Run time: 11 Mins

Directed and Animated by – Liam Harris

Produced by – Elina Litvinova

Written by – Nathaniel Price and Eoin Doran

Cinematography by – Daniel Atherton

Production Design by – Dan Warren & Jan Gronczewski

Edited by – Sian Clarke

Music Composed by – Victor Hugo Fumagalli

Sound Design by – Payam Hosseinian

Colourist and Online Editor – Carl Thompson

VFX Lead Compositor – Victor Almela

CG Lead Artist – Stevie Gill

CG Artist – Elektra Chrysathou

Production Managers – Paul Smith and Florencia Casas

and Hamish Fint voiced by – Brian Gilbert